Strategic Solutions

Dex Arounsavat

Project and Design Management

Dex is an accomplished Civil Structures Engineer and Design Manager with over 15 years of experience in design management, project management, detailed design, proof engineering, strengthening and construction of civil structural projects giving him well-rounded technical capabilities and management skillset.

Dex has been involved in a large range of civil structure projects involving different bridge forms. These bridges range from steel/concrete box girders, pre-stressed/post-tensioned concrete girders, post-tensioned concrete balanced box cantilever, steel I beams, timber and heritage masonry bridges.

Dex’s collaborative approach and early engagement initiatives with engineering and construction team members, clients and stakeholders fosters prompt and efficient issue resolution which translates into significant cost and time benefits during construction. Dex utilises innovation to drive efficiency and deliver better project solutions.

Most recently Dex has been leading a structures team for a level crossing program to achieve cost and program, ensure design compliance, provide value engineering and interface between the civil aspects and other stakeholders.