Strategic Solutions

Michael Marix-Evans

Construction and Project Management

Michael is an accomplished construction professional, with a successful track record in construction, design and project management of a diverse range of significant civil engineering infrastructure projects.

The majority of Michael’s 20 years of experience is in design and construct, from developing initial bid strategies through project leadership and delivering quality, risk management innovation, cost-saving and positive community outcomes. Having managed projects through all phases of their lifecycle for local and state governments, design consultancies and construction contractors, Michael has a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and the opportunities of the entire project development process. His demonstrated expertise in identifying innovations ultimately translates into significant cost and time savings.

Most recently Michael has undertaken the Principal’s Authorised Delegate role, leading a team of Project Managers in assessing and resolving commercial disputes, implementing quality, safety and standardisation initiatives and achieving community and environmental compliance.

Michael’s inclusive approach, best-for-project focus, and ability to assess and understand client needs are complemented by leadership abilities, project management skills, commercial acumen and high-level technical capabilities. He has a proven track record of building rapport with clients, team members and other key stakeholders.