Strategic Solutions

Patrick Orlandi

Contract and Commercial Management

Patrick is a Senior Commercial Manager with more than 25 years of experience in managing contracts in major asset infrastructure industries including construction, energy and telecoms. His versatile skillset encompasses pre-contract to contract establishment and operation across a wide range of contract types and structures.

 Patrick is often described by colleagues as having a strong fiscal, strategic, and detailed approach to commercial management, contract negotiation, mediation, and contract dispute resolution.

Patrick is committed to robust governance and risk management, with a proven track record in leading contract/commercial management teams in negotiating, overseeing and managing high value supply chain, major project delivery and outsourcing contracts worth more than $200 million.

Patrick’s attention to detail is complemented by his focus on establishing successful commercial arrangements through balanced construction and risk management working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders.

Most recently Patrick has been conducting without prejudice negotiations to resolve and settle commercial matters with contractors. In addition to providing assurance that the project’s construction contracts are managed efficiently and in accordance with relevant procedures and policies.